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Theme - Veela

So, we've had vampires and werewolves and all that good ol' stuff. For this week, we'll be using veela.

Interpret as you will - from these seductive women turning into flaming throwing birds, to them using their charm to entice others without fear. Hell, tell of how Fleur's mom met her dad, anything goes this week! Whether it's spooky or sweet or mind-boggling different, everything's welcome here.

*Word Count: 300 or more
*Final Deadline: October 25th, 11:59 pm (EST)
*Interpret the theme in any way you would like.
*Please put this in both the subject and tag lines of your posts: Week #8 - Veela.
*If you need a character/username tag, please let me know!

Participants for Week #8:


Don't forget to vote for week 7, everyone! Even if you just watch the community, every vote counts.

Voting Week #7 - Werewolves

Week #7 - Voting

I am putting the voting post up early because all writers who are writing this week have their entries in.

Please vote for one of your favorite entries in this screened post. Please just use the number. Voting ends Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

A big thanks to everyone who participated this week! Please vote for your favorite entry even if you just watch the community.

1. The Nature of Werewolves by regulus_kat
2. A Firm Hand by scarysnapey
3. Movie Night by scratchingpost1

week #7 - werewolves

Author: Michelle (scratchingpost1)
Title: Movie Night
Word Count: 200
Rating: G
Warnings: none - unless you count extreme silliness

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p.s. I need tags created: Fred, George, Ron, Umbridge

Dark Arts Promo

For those not afraid of the Dark, a brand new community! If you like last drabble writer standing competitions, or just writing drabbles! Everyone is welcome to give it a try - everyone 18 and older, that is, given the nature of the community.

So join up, get those finger muscles ready, and prepare yourself for an enchantingly dark time!

Feel free to copy and paste the above. It's always nice to promote new communities!

Alternate Banners for Week 6!

I wasn't too happy with the rushed banners for week 6, so I remade them! Congrats again to scratchingpost1 for the win and sweetly_beth for runner up. I hope these banners are more to your liking 'cause I know I personally didn't like the other ones I made. Agh, rushed was too rushed! So here you go:

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Week 7 Reminder

Week 7 entries are due on or before Monday, October 18th, by 11:59pm EST. Entries should be less than 300 words and include the prompt 'werewolf' in any way you wish.

All other details are here.

Week 6 Results!

Results behind the cut.Collapse )

Again, a big thanks to everyone who's been participating in voting and writing alike. You guys rock in so many ways.

week #7 - Werewolves

Title: A Firm Hand
Author: [info]scarysnapey
Word Count: 100
Rating: HardR
Pairings/Characters: Severus/Remus

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Tiebreaker Vote - Week #6

We have a tie for runner up! And I'm ... totally using that as an excuse to prolong voting, you know I am.

The contenders are:

3. The Vampire Effect
4. That's How You Know

Let's make the voting quick and clean. =) Just vote for your favourite before tomorrow at 12:30 pm EST. A big thanks to everyone who's been voting so far. You guys are great and let's keep up that participation.

... Meaning I'm not-so-subtly hinting you should go sign-up for week 7! Werewolves, come on. You know you want to give it a try!


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