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Harry Potter Fanfic Contest
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A challenge for fanfic writers of all types.

This community is for weekly fan fiction challenges for the Harry Potter series, modeled after bleach_contest. Every week, a new theme or contest idea will be posted, and the community members will write either a drabble, oneshot, or "free length" for that particular week.

Drabble: 300 words or lower
Oneshot: 300 words or more
Free Length: as many words as you would like

At the end of each challenge, members will vote for the winners of that round and those that take first place will receive banners. You do not have to be a participant in the actual rounds to be a member of the community.

The Rules

1. Only fics directly related to this community (i.e. as results of the official contest) may be posted here. A link to your actual work is fine.
2. All entries must be behind an lj-cut, spell-checked, and reasonable attempts at proper grammar and punctuation.
3. All ratings, genre, pairings, characters (including original) are welcome.
4. Constructive criticism is strongly encouraged. We are all here to practice our writing and receiving comments on them really do make our day. But flames will not be tolerated. If you flame, you will be banned.
5. The weekly challenges go in cycles of three: drabbles at a maximum of 300 words, oneshots with a minimum of 300, and lastly, fics of free word length. A new theme will be posted every Monday afternoon. The week will last until the following Monday morning and a voting post will go up once closed. Winners will be announced on Wednesday.
6. Voting for yourself is not allowed.
7. In the header, place the week # and theme. For example: week #35 – ghosts. Any interpretation of the theme is acceptable.
8. Format for your entries should follow through like this:

Please try to give every single pairing and character a chance when reviewing entries and voting. All characters and pairings are permissible.
Warnings: spoilers, adult content, fluff, anything you think may squick others goes here
Word Count:

You may add other things, such as genres, summaries, etc. as long as the essentials are there.

9. On the matter of tags: please include the week # and theme, same as you would the header. Also include the characters you used and your user name in this format - character: name, user: lj name here. To request the tags you'll need for yourself and the characters, see this post.

10. To sign-up/participate in a theme, just comment on the theme post. We will hold you to your word that you will enter, but if - for any reason - you cannot submit your story, just drop one of your mods a line (through a comment or pm is fine).

11. Finally, only submit one entry per theme.

If you have any questions, please submit them to this post.



If you'd like to be affiliated with this community, feel free to drop illusionrain a line.

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